Adidas Drehkraft Weight Lifting Shoes Review

Adidas Drehkraft

Adidas Drehkraft







        Performance Increase


          Style Comfort



            • Easy to get on
            • Very secure and keep you pinned down
            • Very light
            • 0.75 inch heel


            • Large shoe tongue to accommodate BOA system
            • Unflexible

            This week – Adidas Drehkraft Weight Lifting Shoes Review

            Style and Fit Of the Shoe:

            Weight Lifting Shoes - adidas drehkraft review

            The Adidas Drehkrafts are most comparable with the Adidas powerlift 2.0s in terms of practical design. But these shoes are unique in their portfolio of weight lifting shoes, and the Drehkrafts are marketed as some of the most innovative weight lifting shoes on the market today.

            Their main distinctive features are the laces. These shoes use new BOA technology, which is basically shoe laces for babies, you simply turn the dial to tighten up the shoes. The result (that the BOA company claims) is a system which will tighten up far more than you could achieve with a strap or traditional laces. This is why the Drehkrafts omit the strap you often see on other weight lifting shoes. It is very innovative indeed.

            You can definitely get some serious grip in these shoes, and you can tighten up really firmly, which means there’s no room for slipping and sliding. I actually preferred this shoe for one main reason: I’m lazy and you can take these on and off in a second. Which means when I’m in the gym and want to do box jumps, I don’t have to waste time dealing with straps and laces!

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            Performance of the Drehkraft:

            The other feature that sets them apart from the powerlift 2.0s is the heel height and thicker leather. These shoes have a higher heel, at around 0.75 inches high, so you’ll get a deeper squat if squat depth is a priority. Of course, some people prefer the slightly lower heel on the powerlift 2.0s. The thicker leather seems to me to be a feature that is there to accommodate the BOA lacing system, and a by product being that you get more ankle support.

            The base is firm and sturdy,  when you first put them on it’s like wearing sturdy boots, but as light as running shoes. Your feet feel planted throughout the lifting phases and you can expected ankle rolling/twisting and heel lifting to became a thing of the past, expect better form and strength increase.

            It also boasts incredible breathe-ability and your feet don’t sweat in them as much as other weight lifting shoes, which is a quality very much appreciated.

            The Adidas Drehkraft’s are then, incredibly rigid, durable and transfer all the power you generate. But I actually found these shoes so solid, that flexibility was an issue. There was very little give in the shoe and toe box flexibility seemed to be lacking. Is this significant? It really depends on what you’ll be using the Drehkraft’s for.

            Final Verdict:

            While the lacing system may look to ‘gimmicky’ to some – don’t be fooled. This is a very unique, but also incredibly durable system. It is not tacky, or cheaply made and you’ll be shocked at how effective it is. A must try for any weight lifting enthusiast.

            One up from the powerlift 2.0, one down from the Adipowers.

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