Best Weight Lifting Shoes For Women

The best weight lifting shoes for women, is there really such a list?

In this article we take a look at some of the most popular women’s weight lifting shoes. Choosing the ideal shoes can be tricky, especially with the vast amount of conflicting reviews and statements scattered all over the internet.

Rather than simply add to that, this list has been produced by metrics from a variety of e-commerce marketplaces. We’ve compiled the best selling women’s weight lifting shoes into one place. This way, you can let other women’s decisions do the talking!

For each weight lifting shoe, we outline the main reason why each is so popular with women.

Women’s weightlifting shoe #1: Women’s Adidas PowerLift 2.0

best women's weight lifting shoes

The adidas powerlift 2.0 totally tops the list of the best selling and most popular women’s weight lifting shoes. With over  reviews on Amazon, 100s of sales on ebay and a huge anecdotal user base. The main reason is of course value for money, the lifts ranging on price quite considerably depending on where you look, but can be purchased for as low as $50.

Generally speaking, women are better squatters than men, because they have better ankle and hip flexibility. Therefore, women don’t require such a high heel height, making the adidas powerlift heel height at 15mm perfect.

The heel is 15mm which isn’t as high as other shoes such as the adipowers (review here), but still gives you enough to get a good squat depth without risking knee damage.

They are also incredibly light, which is one of the other main reasons why they are extremely popular with women. The light weight is thanks to a weight distribution plate in the sole, which allows it to be made of a lighter material.

The shoe comes in a variety of color styles too, giving a ton of fashionable options.

Final Verdict: Best Value for Money Women’s weight lifting shoe 


Women’s weightlifting shoe #2: Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0

womens weight lifting shoeThis shoe is great for the gal that loves to run as much as she loves to hit the weight room.

The toe box is extremely cleverly constructed and well made. The tip is predominantly a strong rubber that offers solid impact protection. They are great for rope climbs, sprints and dynamic weight lifting.

These shoes are incredible durable and you can take these to the beach, gym, climbing and even go swimming with them. These things were built to last and you’ll know it. Part of the durablilty is down to the kevlar mesh outer, which is a little over the top.

There are a ton of colors available for the women’s Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0, in fact, it’s the style that’s one of the biggest selling points. The styling is so good that this is pretty much the USP, we’re not sure if that was intentional – but it certainly is one of the biggest reasons why so many women buy the Nano 5.0.

Final Verdict: Best hybrid shoe for women and durable enough to wear hiking, stylish enough for out and about, and great with yoga pants. 


Women’s weightlifting shoe #3: Inov-8 Fastlift 335

women's inov-8 fastlift 335 weight lifting shoeWow, how great do the Inov-8 Fastlifts look?

This women’s weight lifting shoe is pretty high spec. It is a top of the range weightlifting shoe geared toward  the serious weightlifter, cross-fitter or general athlete. It is multi-functional and built for durability.

The majority of olympic weight lifting shoes or ‘oly shoes’ (for the in- crowd) can be fairly heavy and bulky to use in dynamic movements, especially for light women, and are often suited just for squatting.

Typically in this market, if you’re a crossfitter one has to decide whether to have a better jumping form or perform better at dynamic movements or wear lighter more flexible shoes but then not do as well in squats and static exercises. In fact, people have often taken two pairs of shoes to the gym just to correct this issue.

This particular women’s weight lifting shoe has managed to bridge the gap between a typical style of weight lifting shoe and a cross-fit/running shoe. They’ve pulled this off by using what the company dubs ‘Powertruss technology‘.

Essentially, this is just a lightweight but incredibly strong thermoplastic material. The shoe actually weights just a measly 335 grams (12oz). For comparison, that’s as light as any running shoe you’ll get for this price. 

Heel height has also been an issue in women’s weight lifting shoes; some are 0.75 inches such as the adipowers, others are less at 0.60 inches such as the powerlift 2.0s. The Inov-8 335 occupy a rather undiscovered middle ground, they have a heel height of 0.65 inches. This has been an issue in the past as people have often complained about the heel height being either too high or not enough.

Final Verdict: Best for the serious female weightlifter/cross-fitter. 


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