Reebok CrossFit Compete – A Review

Reebok CrossFit Compete

Reebok CrossFit Compete








        • Extremely Durable - Kevlar Overlay
        • Good combo Shoe
        • Lightweight


        • Expensive
        • Too Gimmicky??

        Reebok CrossFit Compete Image The Reebok CrossFit Compete – A Full On Review:

        The reebok CrossFit Compete is often labelled as the Rich Froning Shoe because it was ‘designed and developed’ by Rich Froning. Take that with a pinch of salt of course, not sure I know too many crossfit champions who just happen to be shoe designers as well. None the less, Reebok use it as good advertising, so good for them.

        Style and Fit:

        The Reebok crossfit Compete come with an aesthetic design that makes these shoes not only incredible functional in the gym but also make them fashionable to show off around the town. Indeed, the sheer quality of the design & manufacturing of this shoe is arguably one of the most distinctive features about it.

        The stylish design comes with a new mesh around the entire shoe, made from Kevlar “CombatCage” overlay for max durability. Now I’m not sure if that’s just a waste of money for a pair of shoes, but the things are pretty hardcore and durable. these made much different to us when we tried them on, but some people said they help give them more grip for Crossfit style rope climbs, and those into rock climbing will find these a useful addition too.

        The reebok CrossFit Compete’s have a reputation for being tight sizes and often seem as smaller shoes so buy a half size up if you can, these types of reviews are available here.

        Based on Rich’s input, Reebok created an anatomically contoured mold inside the shoe that acts like a “second skin”. This is supposed to offer better comfort and keep feet stable during heavy lifting and high impact training – makes sense. Similarly to the Nano 4.0s they have a mesh  around the toe of the shoe which helps to provide extra support around the toe box. It’s not as obvious as the Nanos and I’m not sure these made much different to us when we tried them on, but some people said they help give them more grip for Crossfit-style rope climbing. This is down to something they’ve called “DuraGrip toe & RopePro protection”.

        Performance of the Reebok crossfit Compete:

        The shoes only have a 3mm height increase in the heel, so expect to not go as deep as you might be used to in the squats. None the less, they still provide you with extra leverage and the base is firm and supportive.

        Not only are they supportive but they are as light as running shoes and incredibly flexible to help with box jumps and running. Yet your feet feel planted and stable during lifting phases and you can expected ankle rolling and lifting of the heels to not be an issue.

        These Reebok shoes are the most durable on the market today, you can use these a good 4 years and they’ll still be going strong.

        The Reebok CrossFit compete’s are in the high price range, so expect to pay around $100 to $180 for them. They are expensive, but you get what you pay for in this life.

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