Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0 Review – What We Think

Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0

Reebok Crossfit Nano 4.0








        • Extremely Durable
        • Supportive
        • Extra climber grip
        • Great Design


        • Expensive
        • Run Large

        Review: REEBOK CROSSFIT NANO 4.0

        Style and fit:

        The Reebok crossfit Nano 4.0 come with an aesthetic new redesign that makes these shoes not only functional but also make them fashionable to wear around town. In fact, the quality of the design and build of the shoe is one of the most impressive features about it.

        The new design comes with a new mesh (made of rubber) around the toe of the shoe which helps to provide extra support around the toe box. I’m not sure these made much different to us when we tried them on, but some people said they help give them more grip for Crossfit style rope climbs, and those into rock climbing will find these a useful addition too.

        The Crossfit Nano 4.0s have a reputation for being incredibly wide shoes so do not buy if you have narrow feet, these types of reviews are available here.

        The reebok crossfit nano 4.0s are incredibly stylish and are used by top crossfit athlete.

        Performance and Features:

        These shoes are incredible durable and you can take these to the beach, gym, climbing and even go swimming with them. These things are built to last. 

        The shoes have a webbed toe box built into the shoe, some people love this, others hate it. It does make the shoe feel incredibly tight and felt rather strange at first. These quickly stretched out over time though.

        One major concern for me is that the extra support at the front of the toe box came me blisters the first few times I wore the shoes. This stopped me from being able to run for a week while I broke the shoes in. I haven’t had to ‘break in’ shoes in a while now, so this felt very amateur for functional fitness wear.

        Final Verdict: An incredibly functional shoe, but too many gimmicks makes this shoe a lesser man compared to it’s younger brother, the Nano 3.0s.

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