Adidas Adipower Review – Weight Lifting Shoe

Adidas Adipower

Adidas Adipower







        Performance Increase





            • Superior Flexibility
            • 0.75 Inch Heel
            • Most durable on the market
            • Size accurate


            • Sizes run small - Buy a half size up if possible
            • Expensive!

            This week – Adidas Adipower Review.

            The Adidas AdiPower is Adidas’ top of the spec weightlifting shoe aimed at the serious weightlifter. This is a specialist shoe is not only a weightlifting shoe, but one that is multi functional and built for durability. This Adidas lifting shoe has gained a reputation within the gym and lifters community making it one of the best weight lifting shoes on the market today. The adipowers are sometimes known as the big brother of the adidas powerlifts.

            Style and Fit in the shoe:

            adidas adipower reviewTraditionally, weight lifting shoes are incredibly inflexible in the toe, which can be more of a hindrance if anything. The adipower is built with more front flexibility than most weightlifting footwear, so this makes it better for dynamic movements such as snatches, cleans and for crossfit athletes.

            The shoe comes with a one inch thick strap across the top which helps to ensure the maximum foot rigidity. Unlike some shoes, it is produced from a type of heavy duty plastic and strengthened fabric, which means it is much for durable and far more effective – I’ve once pulled the strap clean off from some cheaper makes before, you don’t get this with the adipower.

            The strap is also significantly thicker than the Powerlift and other similar weight lifting footwear. It really gives you extra purchase and gives you so much more grip than laces alone. This is a flaw of the adidas powerlift, since it has a rather flimsy strap.

            Further to the large raised heel is the very effective stiff sole. They come with a weight distribution plate, which means the whole sole takes the weight, and not just the center or the sides. This rigidness means you can exert all of your foot and muscle power into your movement. Furthermore, the sole is utterly flat, so you cannot rock backwards.

            Adipower Performance:

            The Adidas Adipower has a 0.75″ heel, which is higher than the Adidas powerlift 2.0s, which makes for an easier squat depth, but is too high for some.

            It also boasts incredible ventilation and your feet don’t sweat in them as much as other weight lifting shoes, which is a quality very much appreciated.

            The base is firm and sturdy,  when you first put them on it’s like wearing sturdy boots, but as light as running shoes. Your feet feel planted throughout the lifting phases and you can expected ankle rolling/twisting and heel lifting to became a thing of the past, expect better form and strength increase.

            Final Verdict: Best all round weightlifting shoe on the Market, but pricey.

            Thanks for reading our Adidas Adipower Review!

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